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Gowrie Park Camping O'Neills Creek

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Camping Gowrie Park near Mt Roland, Sheffield Tasmania North West Tassie located 4 kilometres south of the town of murals, Sheffield. The O’Neills Creek campground Gowrie park is accessed via the C136 and is signposted on the left as you enter Gowrie Park from Sheffield. This campground is quite large and is suitable for tent camping and camping in big rigs including caravans, campervans, motorhomes, and camper trailers. Campers should carry their own fresh drinking water for this campsite and firewood during winter as it can get very cold in this part of Tasmania – snow, heavy frosts, and heavy rain are common during cooler months. There is a maximum stay of 2-consecutive days at the O’Neils Creek Reserve Camping area, Gowrie Park North West Coast Tasmania. This picturesque forest reserve can accommodate campers on short-term stays of a maximum of 2 nights, and a camper self-registration system applies. A ranger patrols the area and collects camping fees.¬† Gowrie Park campsite is an ideal overnight stop on your way to or from Cradle Mountain and is conveniently situated close to the Mt Roland hiking trail. There is a pretty 15-minute, easy nature walk you can take from the campsite to the start of the track. The nearby Gowrie Park Wilderness Village also offers has cabins and powered van sites suitable for longer stays. See also Caravan Park Gowrie Park for cabin-based accommodation. See also: Camping Lake GairdnerCamping Cradle MountainCamping Lake Barrington :

Gowrie Park is a hydro electric town with a rich history located approximately 15 kilometres south of Sheffield and is a popular starting point for walkers climbing Mount Roland. Gowrie Park’s history as a Hydro construction village makes it a great place to visit for anyone exploring the wider Cradle Mountain Mountain, camping Lake St Clair National Park area, and is very popular with bushwalkers and persons interested in outdoor pursuits.

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Camping is a great outdoor recreational activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter such as a tent, a caravan, or motorhome. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons in Tasmania, however you should always be prepared especially in the highlands or in Winter. Never leave home without being fully prepared – camping in Tassie is a great, affordable and enjoyable way to discover the great state of Tasmania Australia in an affordable and fun way. Free Camping Tasmania