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Boat Harbour Camping

August 22, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Camping Tasmania,Free Camping

free camping boat harbour tasmania

Due to long periods of misuse, including the cutting down of trees and native vegetation for fires, emptying gey water into the ocean, damaging the foreshore, damaging equipment, excessive noise and rowdy behaviour, the Waratah-Wynyard has decided to close the Boat Harbour camping area with immediate effect. An alternative camping area will likely be established at nearby Sisters Beach. This is a disappointing, but not an unexpected decision. Boat Harbour is a simply spectacular location and unfortunately, due to the actions of a minority, the area will no longer be a camping option.

Tasmania is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance as a tourist destination, but we fear the long-term impacts on the environment, roads and infrastructure are simply not being considered. An urgent review of camping in Tasmania is required, where costs are introduced and much great management and control are required to both stop misuse, but importantly protect areas for generations to come. It is so disappointing to visit Bay of Fires and see fools and idiots leaving large amounts of rubbish everywhere, and hearing ignorant yobs blasting their stereos or allowing their children or dogs to run uncontrolled and spoil everyone’s experience. Perhaps if costs and tight management is imposed at Bay of Fires, Mt William, other parts of the East Coast and in the more popular and highly visited camping areas, the problem may dissipate. Here’s hoping.