Camping With Dogs Tasmania

Camping With Dogs Tasmania

The first important thing to note about camping with dogs in Tasmania, is that dogs are strictly prohibited in National Parks, which immediately takes away several different camping options in Tassie. Tasmania’s National Parks are patrolled, and persons found to take dogs into National Parks (other than approved service dogs) will be fined. It’s also important to note that many commercial caravan parks in Tasmania don’t allow dogs, or allow dogs only at certain times of the year – mostly when it is less busy meaning that you should never assume that caravan parks accept dogs and should always check at the time of booking. Many of Tasmania’s great campsites, including Bay of Fires, allow dogs, but importantly in many cases dogs must be kept on a lead, and under control at all times. As campers, we love to take our dog with us but find it very frustrating when dogs roam free amongst campsite, scare children, don’t clean up after them or bark incessantly when they are tied up all day whilst owners are at the beach, bushwalking or fishing for example. It’s also extremely frustrating when people simply flaunt rules and take their dog camping at a campground where dogs are clearly not allowed.


  1. Belinda Price

    There should be a rule that if you bring your dog camping (at a place where they are allowed), owners should be also obligated to keep their dog with them at all times. Leaving them behind at a campsite should be prohibited as it’s only natural they will be anxious and bark. Also, they are not the responsibility of the other campers should the dog that’s left behind need extra water, shade, comforting etc. It’s not fair on the dog and it’s not fair on the other campers.

    April 28, 2019
    1. admin

      We couldn't agree more Belinda. If only everyone was responsible when camping with dogs, and used common sense there would be far fewer problems. Trying to enjoy a camping holiday with a barking dog is infuriating!

      May 4, 2019

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