Free Camping in Hobart

Free Camping in Hobart

We receive a lot on enquiry about free camping in Hobart, which is reasonable to guess if you are travelling from overseas and have very little knowledge about Tasmania. However, we are often left shaking our heads on occasion if you are from, or have ever visited a capital city in other parts of Australia. How much free camping do you see in Melbourne, or Sydney or Brisbane – none of course, and Hobart is no different. If you are after free camping Hobart, you will be sadly disappointed unless your are one of the people who park their campervan or motorhome on a public street, or in a shopping centre car park and hope to go unnoticed by residents, security guards or police. There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t just park on any old street – one being that you may be putting yourself in danger. As we always say, if you can’t afford to pay or an unpowered site in a caravan park, you can’t afford to travel.

camping with dogs tasmania
camping with dogs tasmania

That being said, if you are prepared to travel a little distance outside of the capital city of Hobart, you will find either free or very reasonably priced campsites. One of the nearest 100% totally free camping to Hobart is at Mayfield Beach which is located some 120 kilometres from Hobart or app. 1 hour and 20 minutes drive. Oatlands free overnight stop is 83 kilometres from Hobart on the way to Launceston, which is also free but still a very sizeable drive from Hobart. Heading South of Hobart, Arve River is a great little campsite but it’s also 80 kilometres from Hobart.


  1. R Soles

    Wtf! I'll be the judge on my travel budget Thank you, also try and be less condescending with the speel you wrote and write something that is actually useful and a tad more welcoming

    February 5, 2021
    1. admin

      The vast majority of people agree with our assertion. However, we welcome your feedback.

      February 13, 2021
    2. admin

      Talking of welcoming, we provide this service for FREE because we love Tasmania. We appreciate and welcome positive and helpful comments, which thankfully receive from the vast majority of people who take the time to contact us.

      March 9, 2021
  2. Melinda

    Thankyou so much Free Camping - I am relocating a Van back to Melbourne and have discovered your AMAZING site...Loving how I can type into the search bar - Free Camps near Hobart and the distances gives - very informative. God bless your Work & May Tasmania experience the boom we are in Geelong, Vic. Love & Blessings in Jesus Mighty Name, Melinda

    May 14, 2021

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