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Musselroe Bay, free camping North East Tasmania Mt William National Park campground small coastal shack community, dogs OK very basic coastal camping with limited shelter, and limited facilities suit all forms of camping from tents to big rigs. The facilities are very basic, there is a pit toilet only and no services in Musselroe Bay. The nearest town to buy fuel or basic provisions is Gladstone. Musselroe Bay is located to the North and to the West of the Mt William National Park. The Musselroe Bay conservation area is popular with birdwatchers, with access to the North-West of the camping area via the Cape Portland Road (C844) from Gladstone. The Eastern section, to the north of the Mt William National Park, is accessed via the C843 and C845 roads. Musselroe Bay is located some 150 kilometres, or just over 2-hours drive, North East of the northern Tasmanian town of Launceston. The Musselroe Bay campground is located in the Eastern part of the Mt William National Park, some 25 kilometres north-east of Gladstone. There are signposted access along the C845 Road, 8 kilometres north of Mt William National Park. The Musselroe Bay camping area offers a number of open sites, and also a few with shelter. There is a boat ramp located close by; the campground is suitable for motorhomes, campervans, camper-trailers and caravans. Existing fire sites must be used – campers must carry their own fresh drinking water. All campsites are unpowered, and there are no bookings possible. All camping is on a first come, first served basis. The only safe beaches at Musselroe Bay are on the western side of the island and are the northern Mitlers and Snug Coves. All exposed beaches at Musselroe are extremely hazardous, with large waves, permanent rips and some reefs. Surfing is an option; the best option is False Creek, with some point breaks also off Carrington Point and Mitlers Cove. We recommend you seek local knowledge if planning to swim or surf, and please take extreme care if undertaking any water based activities as the weather in this part of Tasmania can be extremely unpredictable. See also: Deep Creek Campground: Campground Stumpys Bay 1: Campground Stumpys Bay 2: Campground Stumpys Bay 3: Camping Stumpys 4: Camping Petal Point: Camping Little Musselroe Bay: Camping Top Camp:

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